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Great Basin College and Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) have agreed to collaborate with online class sharing to increase access, student choice, and course availability for students in northern Nevada. This collaboration begins with the Fall 2012 term. Online courses have been identified by each institution to complement the course offerings of the other.

The following online classes offered by TMCC may be appropriate for your academic objective at GBC. Check with your advisor to be sure.

Subject Catalog
Section Class Title Dates
ANTH2053003Ethnic Grps Contmpry Soc09/17/12-12/16/12
BUS1123001Customer Service08/25/12-12/16/12
CIT105R3001Word Processing10/01/12-11/02/12
CIT2043001Powerpoint Cert Prep08/25/12-11/02/12
COT2073001Bus Appl On the Internet08/25/12-12/16/12
COT2173001Office Publications08/25/12-12/16/12
DFT1103001Print Reading for Industry08/25/12-12/16/12
ENG2243001Intro to Screenwriting08/25/12-12/16/12
ENG2523001Intro to Drama08/25/12-12/16/12
FT1013001Intro Fire Protection08/25/12-12/16/12
FT1213001Fire Prevention I08/25/12-12/16/12
FT1253001Building Construction I08/25/12-12/16/12
FT2123001Fire and Ecology08/25/12-12/16/12
HDFS2023002Introduction to Families08/25/12-12/16/12
MGT2123504Leadership & Hum Rel10/02/12-11/06/12
RE1031003Real Estate Law and Pract10/22/12-12/12/12
SOC1023001Contemporary Social Issue08/25/12-12/16/12
SOC2053003Ethnic Grps Contmpry Soc09/17/12-12/14/12

To enroll in any of the above classes:

  1. Follow the instructions on the TMCC Admissions page to apply for admission to TMCC.
  2. Enroll in one of the above classes at TMCC, using instructions provided by TMCC, and obtain any required textbooks.
  3. Complete the class.
  4. Request that TMCC send an official transcript of your classes to GBC.

To obtain financial assistance for attending one of the above classes, do so through GBC Financial Aid.

If you have questions about the above, please contact Janice King, GBC Director of Admissions and Registrar, at
775-753-2361 or

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