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Common Irregular Verbs (PDF File, 28 KB)
Commas (PDF File, 76 KB)
Abbreviations (PDF File, 15 KB)
Apostrophes (PDF File, 32 KB)
Articles - A An The (PDF File, 46 KB)
Basic Sentence Structure (PDF File, 10 KB)
Book Report vs. Book Review (PDF File, 54 KB)
Capitalization (PDF File, 42 KB)
Common Irregular Verbs (PDF File, 28 KB)
Common Sentence Errors (PDF File, 13 KB)
Commonly Confused Words (PDF File, 18 KB)
Concrete and Abstract Ideas (PDF File, 15 KB)
Conjunctions and Parallel Structure (PDF File, 48 KB)
Details (PDF File, 25 KB)
Concrete, abstract, general, and specific.
Using Statistics to Develop and Idea (PDF File, 22 KB)
Effective Introductions (PDF File, 25 KB)
The Five W's (PDF File, 74 KB)
Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. How to use the 5 W's in a paper.
Journaling (PDF File, 63 KB)
Organizing an Essay (PDF File, 74 KB)
Paraphrasing (PDF File, 40 KB)
Parts of Speech (PDF File, 24 KB)
Pronouns (PDF File, 37 KB)
Punctuation Patterns (PDF File, 34 KB)
Quotation Marks (PDF File, 18 KB)
Revising Your Writing (PDF File, 14 KB)
Annotated Bibliography (PDF File, 39 KB)
Sample annotated bibliography entries.
SQ3R (PDF File, 33 KB)
How to use the SQ3R techniques: survey, question, read, recite, review.
Essay Exams (PDF File, 93 KB)
Strategies for successfully completing essay questions on an exam.
Taking Notes for Others (DOC File, 22 KB)
How and what to write down when taking notes for another student or yourself.
Thesis Statements (PDF File, 10 KB)
How to create and implement an effective thesis statement in your writing.
Revising Your Writing (PDF File, 17 KB)
Tips for revising your writing to make it better.
Transitions (PDF File, 22 KB)
Creating smooth transitions in your writing.
Writing a Research Paper (PDF File, 123 KB)
The components of a good research paper.
Writing Effective Conclusions (PDF File, 26 KB)
Writing Effective Introductions (PDF File, 0 KB)

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