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Free Speech

Public expression in the form of freedom of speech and advocacy may be exercised on Great Basin College properties in the spirit of open discussion and the freedom of expression to exercise each person’s constitutionally protected rights.

Protection of this right, while not interfering with the College mission as an educational institution, makes it imperative that all persons agree to comply with Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and Great Basin College policies and procedures when exercising their rights. Freedom of Speech should not interfere with the rights of others, including the institution, to hold and attend; regularly scheduled classes (live, online, web campus, or mixed media based) events, field trips, ceremonies, use of and travel through parking and access areas, access and use of legally rented residence facilities, or prevent the ingress and egress to and from all buildings. This includes allowing a group who has reserved a room or space the ability to use that space and allowing a speaker, event or performer to be seen and heard by the audience.

Great Basin College will permit persons exercising their rights to use college facilities as long as the use is pre-approved at a designated location. Arrangements for amplified sound must also be made in advance. Approvals will be based on the understanding that the noise level will not interfere with classes, other campus events and normal campus operations.

Approval will be withdrawn if the exercise of freedom of speech interferes with the mission of the college; the college receives complaints from the surrounding neighborhoods or the actions of those persons involved cause an imminent health or safety hazard.

To request approval please contact the Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Security at 775-753-2115 or e-mail at

All procedures and rules pertaining to posters, banners, and distribution of materials on campus will be fairly, equally, and consistently enforced, regardless of the nature of the sponsoring group or individual or the philosophy being expressed. A decision to deny or halt the display or distribution of material shall be made based on the manner of distribution/display, not on the content of the materials. All materials must be approved by the GBC Center Director or, in Elko, Media Services, located in Lundberg Hall, and must be dated and stamped prior to posting.

For More Information Contact

Lynn Mahlberg
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Title IX Coordinator
Great Basin College, Elko Campus

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