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Unlawful Harassment

Unlawful harassment involves conduct (discrimination) aimed at any legally protected category, a person's age, disability (including service-connected disabilities), gender (including pregnancy related conditions), military status or military obligations, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, national origin, race, or religion. Review the NSHE/GBC Non-discrimination policy. (found in the current GBC catalog) Please see the Campus Safety Hate Crimes page for more information.

What is Unlawful Harassment?

  • It is unwelcome;
  • It is offensive to both recipient and a “reasonable person;”
  • It unreasonably interferes with work performance or academic progress;
  • It mocks or shows hostility toward a person because of a characteristic that is protected;
  • It is judged under the same standards of unwelcome, severe, or pervasive.

Examples of Unlawful Harassment

  • Using racial, ethnic, gender slurs, reinforcing negative stereotypes;
  • jokes or pranks based on protected characteristic;
  • intimidating, threatening, or hostile acts related to a protected characteristic;
  • or circulating any material that mocks, demeans, or shows hostility toward an individual or a group based on a protected characteristic.

Once there is notice of possible harassment, we will...

  • investigate;
  • take prompt effective action to end the harassment;
  • remedy the effects;
  • and take action to reasonably prevent the recurrence; and do so in a prompt, equitable, and effective manner.

For More Information Contact

Lynn Mahlberg
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Title IX Coordinator
Great Basin College, Elko Campus

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