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Gaye Terras
Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Science
Great Basin College
Phone: 775-777-1807

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Certificate of General Studies

This Certificate of General Studies will provide high school students the opportunity to achieve 30-31 credits of general education courses prior to high school graduation. These courses fit best with an Associate of Arts degree pathway. This certificate pathway provides:

  1. Provides a dual credit pathway to students and high school counselors.
  2. Provides a sense of accountability and independence.
  3. Documents milestones.
  4. Preps for rigor of college.
  5. Provides a connection and a pathway for students to seek help.
  6. Builds continual bridges and connections between GBC and Nevada high schools.
  7. One year of courses leading to an associate’s degree.

Certificate Requirements

General Education - all courses are general education (Refer to page 80 of the general catalog.)

High School-Junior Year/Fall Semester
HIST 101 American Constitutions and Institutions Or PSC 101
Fine Art: ART 100, ART 101, ART 107, MUS 101, THTR 100, THTR 105, THTR 204, ENG 205
High School - Junior Year/Spring Semester
HIST 102 American Constitutions and Institutions
Humanities: ART 160, ART 260, ART 261, ENG 203, ENG 223, FIS 100, FREN 111, FREN 112, HIS 105, HIST 106, HUM 101, HUM 111, MUS 121, MUS 125, PHIL 102, PHIL 129, SPAN 111, SPAN 112, SPAN 211
Social Sciences/Structure of Societies: ANTH 101, ANTH 201, ANTH 202, CRJ 104, ECON 102, ECON 103, GEOG 106, HMS 200, PSY 101, PSY 208, SOC 101
High School-Junior Year Credit Total:
High School - Senior Year/Fall Semester
ENG 101 Communication and Expressions
MATH 126 Logical and Scientific Reasoning (MATH120 is an option for the AA degree, but student will need to check with their counselor for high school credits.)
High School - Senior Year/Spring Semester
ENG 102 Communication and Expressions
MATH 127 or STAT 152 Logical and Scientific Reasoning
Science/Logical and Scientific Reasoning (For a STEM career, the student would need to choose a course with a lab)
3 or 4
High School-Senior Year Credit Total:
15 or 16
Certificate Credit Total:
30 or 31

Other Options for High School Students

Please see the High School page for additional options available to students now in high school.

For More Information Contact

Gaye Terras
Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Science
Great Basin College
Phone: 775-777-1807

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