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Great Basin College 
1500 College Parkway
Elko, Nevada (USA) 89801 
Phone: 775-753-5087

The enrollment process.

How Do I Enroll in GBC Classes?

You have placed classes in the MyGBC shopping cart so how do you complete the enrollment process?

  1. Go to the MyGBC Self-Service Center. Search for classes, and make a note of the Class Numbers for classes in which you want to enroll.
  2. Log into the MyGBC Self-Service Center with your new NSHE User ID.
    1. Click here for information about your new User ID.
    2. Click here for information about your password.
  3. Once you're logged in, read information in all text boxes on the page. This information may be updated frequently and may affect how you enroll.
  4. Click the Student Center button.
  5. Click the Student Center button.
  6. Enrollment process step 5.

  7. Then click Enroll link.
  8. Enrollment process step 6.

  9. If more than one semester is available for enrollment, you will be prompted to select a term. Then click the Continue button.
  10. Enrollment process step 7.

  11. Enter the Class Nbr of the class you want to add, then click Enter. Or click the Search button to search for a class.
  12. Enrollment process step 8.

    Note: Please review Search or Browse for Classes if finding class numbers proves difficult. The Browse for Classes link is available if you click the Home link near the top right of the page.

  13. Look at the class information. Make sure that you can meet any special requirements listed. If the number of units you can earn from the class is variable, select the number of credits you want to earn. (Note: GBC will not be using wait lists as of Summer 2013. If your class is full, please select another or speak with your advisor.) Finally, click Next to verify your selection.
  14. Enrollment process step 9.

  15. You have added a class to your shopping cart. You are not yet enrolled in the class. You can continue adding classes to your shopping cart. When ready to confirm your enrollment in the classes in your shopping card, click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.
  16. Note: You can register for some classes and then return later to add additional classes. You don't have to enroll in all your classes at one time. The trash can lets you remove classes from your shopping cart.

    Enrollment process step 10.

  17. To complete the education process, click the Finish button.
  18. IMPORTANT! Registering for a class obligates you to pay for it even if you never attend, unless you formally drop the class by the 100% refund deadline.

    Enrollment process step 11.

  19. You can now click the My Class Schedule tab at the top of the page to view all the classes in which you are formally enrolled.
  20. Enrollment process step 12.

For More Information Contact

Great Basin College 
1500 College Parkway
Elko, Nevada (USA) 89801 
Phone: 775-753-5087

Why Great Basin College

Great Basin College wants to be your choice for higher education. GBC offers associate and baccalaureate level instruction in career and technical education and academic areas. About 4,000 students are enrolled annually online from across the country and on campuses and centers across 86,500 square miles, two time zones, and ten of Nevada’s largest counties. We border Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and California. We are GBC!

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