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If police or ambulance is needed, dial 9 then 911 from any college extension.

On the Elko Campus, immediately notify the Security Department by calling 775-934-4923.

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Emergency Reporting

Emergency Dial 911 graphicOur primary objective is to make visitors, students and staff feel safe and secure while on any GBC campus. At the Elko Campus all security officers carry mobile radios to provide instant communication with campus staff and outside emergency service agencies. Security officers carry a campus cell phone for immediate contact by anyone requiring Security assistance at the Elko Campus, 775-934-4923. At Battle Mountain, Ely, Pahrump and Winnemucca assistance is available by contacting the front desk or Campus Director.

In an Emergency

If police or ambulance is needed, dial 9 then 911 from any college extension. When on the line with the emergency dispatcher, stay on the line, listen to the dispatcher’s directions and answer their questions to the best of your ability. The Dispatcher may not know the campus, so please give directions to the specific location you need assistance.

On the Elko Campus, immediately notify the Security Department by calling 775-934-4923.

If Security is not available or at any other GBC location, notify any college employee that you are in need of assistance. Notify a college official by calling:

  • Elko:
    • Campus Security, 775-934-4923,
    • Jake Rivera, Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs, Title IX Coordinator, 775.327.2116
  • Battle Mountain:
    • Jill Chambliss, Coordinator, 775-635-2318
  • Ely:
    • Veronica Nelson, Director, 775-327-5350
  • Pahrump:
    • Diane Wrightman, Director, 775-727-2017
  • Winnemucca:
    • Lisa Costa Campbell, Director, 775-623-4824

Emergency Contact Requests

The Safety and Security Department, and Campus Directors receive requests during each semester to make emergency contact with students. Please understand that each request must be carefully screened to ensure it is a true emergency before a class will be interrupted. Messages such as a student will be out of class today, will not normally be passed on to faculty you must contact your professor directly for that. When asking for a student to be contacted the more information you can provide the quicker the message can be delivered. Please be prepared to provide the students full name, class they should be in, reason for the notification and identity of the person making the request.

Reporting a Crime

If the crime is occurring as you are calling, dial 911 and request the police/sheriff respond. If you are a victim of a crime and no emergency is currently present please contact the Campus Director in Battle Mountain, Ely, Pahrump or Winnemucca. Please contact Security in Elko. You will be requested to provide information including all item makes, models, physical description of the possible suspect(s), identification numbers, etc. if known. If the crime location is still available and visible such as a vehicle accident an attempt will be made to take photos to help document the incident. If the incident is a major crime (Criminal Homicide, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, robbery, arson, forcible and non-forcible sex offenses, arrests and referrals for disciplinary action for liquor law violations, drug law violations, and weapons law violations) the local police agency must be notified and requested to respond in addition to notifying the Campus Director or Security Department. The Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Security must be notified as soon as it is safe to do so, because all of these crimes must be included in Clery statistic reports.

For More Information Contact

Campus Security

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